Refresh your mind and feel the unique art in Bali


Do you feel bored visiting Bali just for adventure and traveling?,don’t you want to find the different art of Bali?,Why don’t you try to refresh your mind with the different art of Bali?, Good must try this if you come to Bali, refresh your mind at Museum Sidik Jari Bali.
Museum Sidik Jari Bali is located at Hayam Wuruk street no. 175, Tanjung Bali, Denpasar, Bali. This museum is the only one museum in Indonesia that show unique way to make a good painting by your hands. This museum built in 1993 and the grand opening for public was in 4th of july 1995, this museum built by the creative idea of Mr. Ngurah Gede Pemecutan, the creative idea came when he made a baris dance painting and he felt that painting failed, and fixed that painting by his fingers, because of that in his mind he wants to build the museum, but not only for show his painting and his poetry, he wants this museum can to educate many people who come to this museum.


This object is like a small museum, but not like the others museum in Bali or the others museum in Indonesia, the facilities in this museum are cafe, toilet, hall, and also width parking area. In Museum Sidik Jari you will find some of unique paintings, some of poetries that wrote on stone, and also practice balinese dances, painting, play gamelan with professional team teaching.


The entrance fee in only Rp. 5000,00 per person, you won’t disappointed with that price, because you can enjoy, and practice balinese cultures and also find the unique arts of Bali. This Museum is crowned by MURI as The Unique Museum, with many unique products of painting and also unique concept of handling guest and educating the guest about Balinese Culture. This Museum is open from Monday till Saturday, from 9 a.m – 4 p.m


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