Bali has a Place of Interest That Full With Traditional Puppet

Hello travelers this is one recommended place that you must visit when you are in Bali. The Setia Darma Masks & Puppets House is a unique museum with a mission to preserve some of Indonesia’s most colorful heritage items. It serves as a great cultural and educational part of tours to central Bali, this place really recommended who are interesting with the culture and art from around the world. This house has 1,000 masks and over 4,000 puppets from all over the Indonesian archipelago, Africa, China, Latin America and Europe. Continue reading “Bali has a Place of Interest That Full With Traditional Puppet”


This is Sacred and Rare Balinese Dance Performance that You Must to Know

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Hey this is really important information that you must to know for make a great trip in Bali, with a lot of unique experience in finding rare traditional dance performance. This Barong will be really different with every Barong you have been see in Bali, it is a rare Barong Dance Performance that only performed in a village in Bali. That village is one of place of Interest in Bali that has unique cemetery concept. Trunyan village that’s the location you could be find this rare Barong dance performance Guys. The name of this rare dance is Barong Brutuk. Continue reading “This is Sacred and Rare Balinese Dance Performance that You Must to Know”

Let’s Find Bali Extraordinary Art

Hey Guys, are you interesting with Balinese art? Here will be a great article for completing your knowledge about Art and Culture of Bali. Bali has many unique art and culture that make people curious to find it out. Some of the traditions associated with ritual and sacred, still a lot we can find to this day.  One of them is a traditional dance “Janger Maborbor” , Janger already commonplace in everyday life we have heard and seen, as an entertainment dance this dance accompanied by the singing of the copy shouted, often performed by young men and women as well as children. But this time is different Janger, Perform in a series of rituals, as an offering to starting reinforcements, can be categorized as “Sanghyang” dance. Continue reading “Let’s Find Bali Extraordinary Art”

Never Bored for Watching this Traditional Dance from Bali

How was your day guys?, it must be good right. Today I would like to give you an information about Bali. Bali has a lot of traditional dance that have different story and meaning of the dance. This traditional dance in Bali called “Barong and Keris dance” this dance is one of recommended dance for you to watch and knowing the meaning about this historical dance in Bali. Continue reading “Never Bored for Watching this Traditional Dance from Bali”

Kris | Traditional Weapon and a Sacred Weapon in Bali

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Hello guys, nowadays I would like to deliver information about Balinese traditional weapon. Have you know about this weapon before? In Bali available one traditional weapon and that’s not only for weapon for every Balinese people. Kris is being a sacred thing for Balinese people because Kris usually use in the ceremony or ritual in Hindu’s. Continue reading “Kris | Traditional Weapon and a Sacred Weapon in Bali”

Artistic Documentation in Neka Art Museum

Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali is more than just collection of fine art inspired by natural beauty, people, and culture of Bali. This Museum is located at Jalan Raya Campuhan, Kedewatan Village, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali-Indonesia. That will be very easy for you to reach this interesting museum, you will need about 1 and half hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport and you can to go to this Museum by car or motorcycle.

Continue reading “Artistic Documentation in Neka Art Museum”

Balinese Couple Dance | Janger

Bali well known by the World has many unique art and culture. Dancing is one of popular art activity in Bali. Balinese People usually will have already trained to be a dancer from their young. Janger dance is one of Balinese traditional dance that will be very interesting for you to watch. When and where exactly it appears Janger no one knows exactly because it was thought he was already hundreds of years and the groups that perform are scattered in several areas of South Bali. Continue reading “Balinese Couple Dance | Janger”

You Must Know this Balinese Traditional Dance | Sacred, Unique and Friendly Dance

What do you think about Balinese Dance guys? Do you think Balinese dance is a sacred dance for ritual and ceremonial process? If yes, you must to know about this traditional dance from Bali. This traditional dance from Bali will be unforgettable for you, looking from the attribute and the custom you will feel this dance is a sacred dance and will be has a spooky meaning in the dance. Continue reading “You Must Know this Balinese Traditional Dance | Sacred, Unique and Friendly Dance”

Different Style of “Wayang” or Puppet Performance in Bali

Hello guys, have you even heard about Wayang? Wayang is one of the Pupp[et show in Indonesia that usually use leather for make the puppet, and not only that the screen will usually make from leather. This traditional Puppet Performances very popular in Indonesia not only in Bali. How about Balinese puppet performance? Balinese puppet performance also in the same type of performance with every province in Indonesia, but in Bali available one kind of Puppet Performance that has a different style and you must to know about it. Continue reading “Different Style of “Wayang” or Puppet Performance in Bali”

This Barong Dance Must You Know and See on Your Holiday in Bali

Balinese art and culture are very popular around the world. Every art and culture in Bali will be an interesting point for every traveler who came to Bali. as a traveler who would like to learn and know about Balinese local culture, you must try to find this Barong dance on your holiday. This Barong dance will be very interesting for you,  specially for your kids. Continue reading “This Barong Dance Must You Know and See on Your Holiday in Bali”