Traditional Kites from Bali, Flying Like a Dragon

Tradition in Bali has many variation and not only about the variation, there will be also available a special meaning inside of their tradition. Balinese people also have a spiritual story and meaning inside of their tradition and culture. You will easy to find any unique tradition when you come to Bali for your holiday. One of many unique traditions in Bali you must know is about their Traditional Kites.

Traditional Kites in Bali has very unique design and also has a special meaning for Balinese people. This traditional Kite will be one of the unique kites in Bali you must to know. The name of this traditional kite is “Janggan”. Janggan is the biggest kite in Bali. This kite shape is like Dragon. Janggan is the sacred kite from Bali. Why sacred? Because of before Janggan able to fly, it must be purified first.


 The story of Janggan is according the story of Hindu’s people about the story of Benawang Nala. “Benawang Nala” is Giant Turtle that prop the Earth. Earth that has been propped by Benawang Nala has been wounded by Dragon “Naga Basuki”. Naga Basuki and Benawang Nala is the protector of the Earth stability in Hindu’s story.

Looking from that story Balinese people makes Janggan to appreciate “Naga Basuki”, and because of that Janggan become sacred and have a spiritual energy inside. Balinese people also have a special season to play and make kite. They always make and play kite at the farming season, why in farming season? The story is also about the “Rare Angon” story. Rare Angon is the manifest of Lord Siva in Hindu’s. Rare Angon is likes a small kid that ride a buffalo and bring a bamboo flute. Lord Siva become Rare Angon and playing kite and playing bamboo flute to called wind and bring prosperity.


Because of that Balinese people always make kite in the farming season to appreciate this story, and about the Janggan is also have an extra big size kite in Bali, this kite will need more than 15 persons to fly this kite. Balinese people very interesting in protect this tradition, and looking about the good interesting from the local society there are available Kite Festival in Bali.

Bali Kite Festival will be a nice moment for you to watch and see many kinds of Traditional Kites in Bali and also many unique and creative design of Creation Kite.


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