This Barong Dance Must You Know and See on Your Holiday in Bali

Balinese art and culture are very popular around the world. Every art and culture in Bali will be an interesting point for every traveler who came to Bali. as a traveler who would like to learn and know about Balinese local culture, you must try to find this Barong dance on your holiday. This Barong dance will be very interesting for you,  specially for your kids.

Barong Bangkal or Barong Bangkung is an unique Barong in Bali you must to know. To find this Barong will be very easy for you on a day after Kuningan day. Barong Bangkal or Barong Bangkung will be perform in every village one day after kuningan day. Local society always performed this Barong for “Malelawang”. Malelawang is an activity to clean and purifying the village from bad energy, and avoid the local society from disaster.


This Barong will be danced by kids or young people and walking around the village accompanied by traditional gamelan. When this Barong walk, this Barong will be perform an unique dance and informal dance in order to make the watcher happy.


This Barong will also come to local society house and then dance in every house. When you are in Bali on that time you will very easy to find this Barong walk and dance around the village, and maybe come to you and dance in front of you. this shape of Barong is like a Big Pig that very old.


This Barong will be walk around the village not only in that periods, this Barong will usually dance in a day near of Kuningan day, and every sacred day for Hindu’s people. This Barong will also perform when the village in a bad condition or attacked by bad energy or get any problem inside of the village. This Barong dance will be an unique dance for you to watch and will make you feel happy.


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