Mepeed | Bali Unique Tradition and Culture

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Bali well known has many unique culture, art, and tradition. every art, culture and tradition of Balinese people always being and interesting point for every people to know and watch along they are stay in Bali. That’s one of many reasons why many travelers from around the world always come to Bali, again and again. This one unique tradition will be nice moment for you to watch and don’t forget to prepare your camera if you are looking this tradition along your holiday in Bali. Continue reading “Mepeed | Bali Unique Tradition and Culture”


The Biggest Art Event in Bali You Must to See It

Art is an easy thing you will find if you go to Bali on your vacation. Bali has many event that you should know to prepare you holiday schedule in Bali. This biggest art event in Bali, will be very spectacular event for you. only held once for a year. The event called Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB) in English will be Bali Art Festival. Continue reading “The Biggest Art Event in Bali You Must to See It”