Story Under The Highest Barong in Bali | Barong Landung Bali

Hello Guys, how was your day? it must be a great day. In this day I would like to share an information about Balinese art and culture. This is about the highest Barong in Bali. This Barong will be shown during the Hindus ceremony especially in Galungan and kuningan day. Barong Landung that’s the name of this Barong. Barong Landung or Queen Yam is one manifestation susuhunan entity human that reach 3 meters high.

Well Guys, do you feel interesting to find this Barong? it will be a bit hard to find this Barong on the stage, because Barong Landung is not commercialize. Barong Landung more sacred and believed as a strength protector and the welfare of the people. Barong Landung easy to find around the South part of Bali such as Denpasar, Gianyar, Tabanan. This is the story of Barong Landung that you must to know Guys, the story will be really exciting for us to knowing well.

Sri  Dalem Jayapangus is a king of the villages in the mountainous areas of Kintamani, He was married with Dewi Danu, the queen of the Lake. She became pregnant. Soon afterwards the king traveled southwards. In a market place he met a beautiful female merchant selling cloths at one of the stalls. She was a Chinese. Her name was Cang Cing Wei. He became instantly infatuated with her and spoke seductively to her. He asked her whether she already had a husband. When he received a negative reply he invited her to become his wife and accompany him to his palace. Although the king was an ugly, dark man, he had a mellow, rich, voice and congenial manner, and she consented.

Dewi Danu was furious when she encountered her husband with his new wife, whom he had married on the quiet. She shouted to that couple, pointing out that the king had acted deceitfully. The two women quarreled incessantly. The queen had dangerous, ambiguous, powers at her disposal. She used these to burn the couple so that nothing was left of them except a small mound of ash. Dewi Danu brought the ash to a shrine on Mount Penulisan. The populace from the area came regularly to worship at the shrine, so honoring the couple who were known for their gracious disposition.

A craftsman fashioned out of wood a male and female figure who resembled the couple, and paid homage to them. Their spirits entered the giant images. In most of Bali they are referred to as Ratu Gede. In one area of Karangasem, in the west, they are called Ratu Dang, Ding, Dong. The musical alliteration resonates with the rhythms of the seasons. Perhaps this is appropriate as the couple are associated with the fertility of the land and rice growing. Well Guys, that’s the story of Barong Landung in Bali.


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