Find this Unique Tradition on Your Trip in Bali

Today I would like to deliver information about Balinese art and culture. Bali is a small island of Indonesia that has many unique art and culture. That’s make this small island being a famous tourist destination. There are available many unique arts and cultures that could you find along your trip in Bali. Traditional dance, ritual, ceremony, etc will be made your trip more attractive.

This is one of unique culture in Bali that you should to know Guys. This is a unique ceremony that usually held in Samuan Tiga Temple. Samuan Tiga Temple is situated in Bedulu village, Blahbatuh district, Gianyar regency, that’s about 1 and half hour driving from Ngurah Rai International Airport. “Perang Sampian” that’s the name of this ceremony that usually held in this Temple, this ceremony will held once a year. “Perang Sampian” meaning a War that using young coconut leave for the weapons, according to the name of this war the participant will not only use the young coconut leave, they will use the offering that made from the young coconut leave as the weapon that symbolize the Lord Visnu weapon. This will be really unique ceremony in Bali. “Perang Sampian” will be doing by the local society in Bedulu village.

Before the Perang Sampian or Sampian War start, they will do any other process before. The other ceremonies are Nampyog ceremony, Ngober Nyambung ceremony, and Maguak-guakan ceremony. Nampyog ceremony will be done by the person who taking care of the Temple and also will join by the Hindu’s prince in the Temple. They will walking around the temple at the middle area of the temple, the women who taking care of this temple will do a simple dance called Sutri dance and bring one incense. They will walk around the temple for 3 times. Ngober Nyambung is the next ceremony after Nambyog Ceremony. This ceremony will also do by the people who are taking care with the temple. At their waist will be tied white shawl, the white shawl will be flown by the participants and they will walk around the temple for 3 times. The participants will be shout likes in trance condition. The traditional music of Bali that’s called Gamelan will accompany this ceremony process. The Participant will directly take the tied young coconut leave and hit the other. This ceremony is to visualize the war of evil spirit and the good spirit that always happen in our daily activities. The main function of this ceremony is too purifying the environment and the humanity. This ceremony is also for remind us about the merging sect in Bali. Samuan Tiga Temple had been the meeting place of many sects in Bali, for talking about the merging of every sects in Bali. This unique war will really interesting for you to watch guys.


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