This is Sacred and Rare Balinese Dance Performance that You Must to Know

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Hey this is really important information that you must to know for make a great trip in Bali, with a lot of unique experience in finding rare traditional dance performance. This Barong will be really different with every Barong you have been see in Bali, it is a rare Barong Dance Performance that only performed in a village in Bali. That village is one of place of Interest in Bali that has unique cemetery concept. Trunyan village that’s the location you could be find this rare Barong dance performance Guys. The name of this rare dance is Barong Brutuk.

Barong Brutuk dance is performed by 19 young dancers who are unmarried. This dance will be really exciting for you to watch Guys, and before performing this rare Barong dance, the dancer must do any abstinence for 15 days. The abstinence for the dancers are couldn’t drink any alcohol and gambling. In this dance the dancers will wear mask that made from coconut shell and using clothes that made from dried banana leaf and also bring a whip for the weapon of this Barong dance. Dancer properties that use in this dance are made from nature. This rare dance Barong Brutuk is a symbol for Ida Ratu Ayu Pingit Dasar (woman) and Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat (man), the authorities in Trunyan Village and a symbol of the meetings between woman and man.

Barong Brutuk dance will be perform at 09.00 am. They will dance in the temple area, start from ‘Jeroan’, ‘Jaba Tengah’ and ‘Jaba Pura’. The dancers will run and whipping their whip into the residents and audiences, as the story in the past. In ancient times, the residents in this village got a skin disease and they retreat their skin by whipping their skin until bleeding. The residents waited their skin retreat naturally. That’s why in this Barong dance the dancer will whip the audiences, and the residents believe this dance will be protect them from any diseases and.

The dancers will open their masks and clothes after they finish the dance, They will doing purification ceremony that called “Melukat” to purify them self in Batur Lake. Well Guys that a bit story about Barong Brutuk Dance one of Rare and Sacred dance in Bali the Island of Paradise. This Barong Dance performance will be closed by praying and eating together. This dance is performed once in two years.


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