Let’s Find Bali Extraordinary Art

Hey Guys, are you interesting with Balinese art? Here will be a great article for completing your knowledge about Art and Culture of Bali. Bali has many unique art and culture that make people curious to find it out. Some of the traditions associated with ritual and sacred, still a lot we can find to this day.  One of them is a traditional dance “Janger Maborbor” , Janger already commonplace in everyday life we have heard and seen, as an entertainment dance this dance accompanied by the singing of the copy shouted, often performed by young men and women as well as children. But this time is different Janger, Perform in a series of rituals, as an offering to starting reinforcements, can be categorized as “Sanghyang” dance.

This sacred dance will be able for you to find at Yangapi village, Tembuku Districs, Bangli Regency, Bali – Indonesia. This dance also performs to avoid the dangerous and bad energy come to this village. along this dance the dancer will walk on the fire and they won’t be burned. That’s will be really extraordinary dance you can to find along your trip in Bali.

This dance will be dance by young men and young women, and they will become a group, in a group there will be  1 young men and 1 young women, this dance will need  5-10 groups. They will dance like dancing the Janger dance as usual, but at the end of the ceremony when the leader of the ceremony finish putting in order, the dancer will automatically move and walk on the fire. They will walk on the fire in possessed condition. Not only walk on the fire, they will also make many attraction on the fire such as ate the fire, etc. the unique thing will you find after they finish on the fire, their cloths and their body isn’t burned while they were playing on fire.


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