Mepeed | Bali Unique Tradition and Culture

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Bali well known has many unique culture, art, and tradition. every art, culture and tradition of Balinese people always being and interesting point for every people to know and watch along they are stay in Bali. That’s one of many reasons why many travelers from around the world always come to Bali, again and again. This one unique tradition will be nice moment for you to watch and don’t forget to prepare your camera if you are looking this tradition along your holiday in Bali. mp2Mepeed is a tradition in Bali. This tradition will be like a parade. In this parade you will find many women who carry Gebogan Bali. Gebogan is a series of fruit and a variety of traditional snacks Bali are decorated with various leaf height of approximately 1 meter were taken by foot from Banjar toward the Village Temple. Mepeed ceremony is a ritual offering to the Lord of Balinese Hindu community that’s called Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Mepeed ceremony is one of a series of activities aimed ceremony at the temple as an expression of gratitude Balinese Hindus to the almighty God Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa with giving the Gebogan as the symbol of offerings.

Piodalan usually carried out once every 6 months so if you want to see this ceremony, please make sure your schedule match with the Balinese calendar. And that will be very lucky for you if you are able to find this tradition along your holiday in Bali. Events cavalcade begins at 3 Pm. All the villagers meet at the road to follow the ceremony. This ceremony won’t only join by women, but this ceremony will follow by little children in the village that also joined the ranks. Convoy of Balinese women who bring offerings of fruit upheld over the head, lined with traditional costume that’s called “kebaya” and using Balinese traditional sarong. It is beautiful and full of discipline convoy of Balinese people that will be very nice for you to see. Escorted by the men who bring Kris at the white waist, and using white traditional costumes of Balinese such as (Udeng, and white Cloth). The term ‘Mepeed’ means go hand in hand, because people should not come as individuals. The procession ‘Mepeed’ is divided into two waves which tempek kauh, the residents who live in the west of the village, and tempek kanginan, residents in the east village.




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