Kris | Traditional Weapon and a Sacred Weapon in Bali

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Hello guys, nowadays I would like to deliver information about Balinese traditional weapon. Have you know about this weapon before? In Bali available one traditional weapon and that’s not only for weapon for every Balinese people. Kris is being a sacred thing for Balinese people because Kris usually use in the ceremony or ritual in Hindu’s.

The shape of Kris will be very unique, Kris will be has many indentations and the more indentation will be need more time to make one Kris. To make a Kris can be need more than a year. That’s will be very interesting for you if you able to find Kris on your holiday in Bali. To make special Kris for ceremony will need any special process before they Kris maker continue the process of making Kris.


Kris that has special power inside or a sacred Kris, will be pass special ritual at every starting process of making that Kris. This weapon from Bali, is one of popular weapon in Bali. Nowadays also available many of Kris that will you find very easy in every art market, or art exhibition, and if you want to have one of the unique design of Kris that will able for you, because nowadays Kris also make for souvenir.

Don’t worry the Kris for souvenir won’t have any special energy and sacred energy, so you won’t need to give a special care for the souvenir Kris. To make Kris will need any metals, but the most that usually use for the materials are iron, steel, and gold for the admixture. The price for souvenir Kris will be following the design, and the materials-.

Not only according to the Kris, the hilt of Kris also influenced the price rate of Kris. The unique design for the hilt of Kris will be very difficult to make and that will be need more than one week to make one hilt of Kris, and not only following the hilt of Kris the material to make the hilt is also not a carelessly thing.

Feel interesting with Kris? This traditional weapon will be completing your collection of art at your home or your gallery. Try and found it on your holiday in Bali, and don’t forget to find the Sacred Kris to make your imagine about the power of Kris complete.


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