You Must Know this Balinese Traditional Dance | Sacred, Unique and Friendly Dance

What do you think about Balinese Dance guys? Do you think Balinese dance is a sacred dance for ritual and ceremonial process? If yes, you must to know about this traditional dance from Bali. This traditional dance from Bali will be unforgettable for you, looking from the attribute and the custom you will feel this dance is a sacred dance and will be has a spooky meaning in the dance.Jauk Manis that’s the name of Balinese traditional dance you must to know and watch. Why you must watch this dance? This dance will be unforgettable dance for your trip in Bali if you find this dance. Jauk Manis dance is one of Mask dance in Bali. As a mask dance in Bali Jauk Manis is one of the interesting dance and easy for you to find this dance. Jauk Manis dance isn’t a dance for ritual and ceremony only, this dance will also perform for welcoming dance in an event and also an entertainment dance that’s why you easy to find this dance.


This dance will give us the story about a Giant King that going to exploring this world. The dancer will use with mask and also the special costume of this dance and at their hand the dancer will use a long plastic nails, that’s for symbolizing the giant king. Not only that the dancer will also use a crown. The dancer will be dance like a prestigious king and the dancer will also doing an improvisation in this dance.

The improvisation will be very unique and fun because the dancer will come to the audience and dance with them, not only dance with them the dancer will also take a photo while the dance with the audience in improvisation the dancer will be very free to do everything in order to make the audience happy. This dance is one of recommended dances for you to know and watch when you are in Bali. not only in Hindu’s Temple Jauk Manis will also perform in wedding party, and every event in Balinese style.


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