Different Style of “Wayang” or Puppet Performance in Bali

Hello guys, have you even heard about Wayang? Wayang is one of the Pupp[et show in Indonesia that usually use leather for make the puppet, and not only that the screen will usually make from leather. This traditional Puppet Performances very popular in Indonesia not only in Bali. How about Balinese puppet performance? Balinese puppet performance also in the same type of performance with every province in Indonesia, but in Bali available one kind of Puppet Performance that has a different style and you must to know about it.

“Wayang Lemah” that’s the name of Balinese different Puppet Performance. According with the name Wayang is meaning for Puppet that made from leather and Lemah is meaning for morning, or afternoon, looking from the name we can to guess this traditional puppet in Bali will be performance in the afternoon. Wayang Lemah isn’t only for entertainment, this puppet will only performance when the local society have a ceremony. The ceremony is according with Hindu’s religion in Bali. Generally Wayang lemah will also performance for accompanied the ceremony or ritual process. Wayang lemah will perform on Manusa yadnya, Pitra yadnya, Rsi yadnya, Dewa yadnya, and Butha yadnya.


Because of the function of this Puppet show is for accompanying the ritual or ceremony this Puppet Performance actually has special meaning and also has a sacred energy inside of the Puppet. Wayang Lemah will also performing by “Dalang” or the Puppet Player, but the different of this performance Wayang Lemah will not use “Kelir” or Leather screen. Wayang Lemah will only use yarn and only 3 stripes of yarn, and the the Puppet will be standing on banana trunk, and at the left and right side of the banana trunk will be stand 2 pieces of Dadap trunk with 3 branchs.

 Wayang Lemah with the function for accompanied ceremony process will not only perform in the afternoon on morning, if the ritual or ceremony held on evening, Wayang lemah automatically will be perform at the evening. That’s about Wayang Lemah in Bali, don’t forget to search about this perform of Wayang Lemah when you are in Bali, this will be very interesting show for you, and you will also able to make a memorable picture and see the ritual or ceremony of Hindu’s in Bali closer.


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