You Must Know the Historical of This Sacred Dance from Bali

Bali is a small island with many unique traditional culture and tradition. Bali also has a spectacular dance that has very strong sacred energy. Mask Dance is one of Traditional dance in Bali. Mask dance is very popular for completing the ceremony in Bali. You will also able to find mask dance for entertainment but not every Mask dance can to perform in every place.

There is a Mask Dance in Bali that has a powerful energy, that’s called “Topeng Sidakarya”. You will able to find this dance in Hindu’s temple, this dance isn’t for entertainment this dance is for completing the ritual on the temple. This dance will be performed at the end of ceremonial process and this dance will take big part for the successful of the ceremony on that temple.


Topeng Sidakarya will be performed on Ngaben, Tawur agung, and other big ceremony for hindu’s people. Why this dance perform at the end of ceremonial process? This dance must be performed at the end according to the story of this dance. The story of Topeng Sidakarya start from Waturenggong era. Lord Dalem Waturenggong held a big ceremony at Besakih Temple in Bali, and invited many Brahman to closed that ceremony and get many blessed. But there are available one Brahman were not invited to come to that ceremony called Brahman Keling. Because of his good relationship with Gelgel in Bali, Brahman Keling came from Java to Bali.

There were long trip from Java to Bali, and because of that long trip Brahman Keling became very dirty and look likes a beggar. Because of his looked likes beggar and very dirty the kingdom guardian stop him and said to him to go away with very bad words. He became angry and went to a place to have a meditation. On his meditation he said that the ceremony inside of the palace won’t get a blessed, but will gave very bad impact and made a disaster in the kingdom area. The disaster came to the ceremony in a second the ceremony equipment became broken and “Banten” Balinese praying equipment became spoiled. Rats came and ate the ceremonial equipment, and made the area of ceremony became unwell.

Lord Waturenggong on his meditation knew this disaster because of Brahman Keling, and he said to Arya Tangkas to come and escort Brahman Kling to come to the kingdom and close the ceremony. When Brahman Keling arrived at the kingdom Lord Waturenggong did apologize to him and give a him a good chance to close the ceremony at the end part. The name of Topeng Sidakarya came from this story “Sida” is Blessed, and “Karya” is Ceremony. That’s why Topeng Sidakarya is performed at the end, because of the key to get blessing is in the end of the ceremony and why the mask is like an ugly face people, that’s a symbol for Brahman Keling when he came to the kingdom with dirty cloth and look likes beggar.


Interesting with this dance? That will very lucky for you if you able to find this dance along your trip in Bali. Topeng Sidakarya won’t able to dance by every people, who are able to dance this sacred dance is the person who has a spiritual lesson before.


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