You Must Know this Balinese Traditional Dance

Mask dance is part of traditional Balinese dance drama. In addition to performances staged as entertainment, there is also a kind of mask dance that becomes a complement of religious ceremonies. One mask dance that has a function in both of these are Topeng Tua (Old Mask Dance), which is also called the nursing lumaku dance.

Topeng Tua dance also featuring a dancer with a magnificent dress and wearing wooden masks of wood ylang-ylang. From the look on his face, visible character played is men aged dusk.

When the show, the dancer will walk around the stage and dancing with the slow movement. Occasionally, the dancer sighed dotted and made a sweeping motion with sweat from the comic mask. Choreography that brought dancers depicting the old man was fond of his youth.


As dance has sacred values, old mask dance usually performed in Balinese traditional ritual called “piodalan” . At the memorial is held every 6 months in the Balinese calendar system, this dance will be staged in conjunction with other types of mask dance into a single unit called the Panca masks. In addition to the Topeng Tua, the mask consists of five royal mask, hard mask, hard mask bues, and figure penasar (storyteller). In addition to staged as part of a religious ritual, dance mask mask old and five other components are also performed in a shorter format as non-ritual dance.


In addition to being part of the five mask, mask dance parents also shown as opening other sacred dance, the mask dance Pajegan. Pajegan mask dance is only performed in religious ceremonies. In addition, all the characters in this dance show performed by a dancer. The dancers will portray different characters with the display masks, head coverings, as well as different gestures.

This dance will be a recommended dance for you to watch, when you are in Bali.


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