The Biggest Art Event in Bali You Must to See It

Art is an easy thing you will find if you go to Bali on your vacation. Bali has many event that you should know to prepare you holiday schedule in Bali. This biggest art event in Bali, will be very spectacular event for you. only held once for a year. The event called Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB) in English will be Bali Art Festival.

This event will be held in the center of Bali, that is in Denpasar Area. This event will be held in Art Center, this place is only 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. How to go there? that will very easy to go there, you can use car or motorcycle to go to this place. In this art festival you will see many kind of interesting art from every regencies in Bali.


They will stay together in a place, so you will able to travel around Bali in a place when this event held. Not only art products, when this event held you will also available to taste every kind of traditional food in Bali from every regencies also. Different regencies will show different traditional food. So you must prepare yourself when you go here.


The more important thing you must see in this event is about the traditional show, many kind of traditional show will be available here. you will be amazed because of many kind of tradition in Bali you haven’t see before will be available here. that will be a great place for you to visit for your holiday. Not only about culture and art of Bali, in this event will also available regular market for you and also available little playing park for your kid here.


This event held for make every kind of art and culture sustainable. This event is also to protect the art and culture of Bali, and make the young generation aware with their own art and culture. This event is usually held at June, so if you are interesting with this event make your holiday trip on June, you will able to see this event because this event will be held for a week.


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