Your Lucky Day If You Come To Bali And Watch This Show

Bali many story and many unique art and culture, this is one part of art in Bali. This is a full of spiritual show that must you show when you are in Bali. This show name is Calon Arang. Calon Arang will be held in sacred place in Bali, such as : Temple, Graveyard, and in the middle of village area.The story is from Bali. Calon Arang was a widow, powerful in black magic, who often damaged farmers’ crops and caused disease. She had a daughter, named Ratna Manggali, who, though beautiful, could not get a husband because people were afraid of her mother. Because of the difficulties faced by her daughter, Calon Arang was angry and she intended to take revenge by kidnapping a young girl. She brought the girl to a pura Mrajapati to be sacrificed to the goddess Dewi durga on kajeng kliwon (the day of black magic). The next day, a great flood engulfed the village and many people died. Disease also appeared.


King airlangga, who had heard of this matter, then asked for his advisor, Empu Baradah, to deal with this problem. Empu Baradah then sent his disciple, Empu Bahula, to be married to Ratna Manggali. Both were married with a huge feast that lasted seven days and seven nights, and the situation returned to normal.


Calon Arang had a (lontar) book that contained magic incantations. One day, this book was found by Empu Bahula, who turned it over to Empu Baradah. As soon as Calon Arang knew that the book had been stolen, she became angry and decided to fight Empu Baradah. Without the help of Dewi Durga, Calon Arang was defeated. Since she was defeated, the village was safe from the threat of Calon Arang’s black magic.


That’s the main story of Calon Arang, inside of Calon Arang will also show Balinese comedian style, and the sacred process at the end of the show. This show will be a sacred and exited show for you to show.



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