Leak Bali | Balinese Black Magic Story


Have you been come to Bali and see the dance performance where one of the characters faced sinister and long fangs? It is called ‘ Leak ‘. On this blog we will write and tell you about the story about ‘Leak’.


‘Leak’ was a human who are practicing black magic and have cannibalistic behavior. They are flying around try to find a pregnant woman in order to suck her baby’s blood or a newborn child, to complete her magical skill. There are three legendary Leaks, two females and one male. Leak with the great magic skill can transform into ‘Rangda’, queen of black magic. ‘Leak’ is said haunt the graveyards, feed on corpses, have power to change themselves into animals, she even take the form of a monkey with golden teeth or a massive rat, a ball of fire and even a bald-headed giant. It is said that she have an unusually long tongue and large fangs.


In daylight she appear as an ordinary human, but at night her head and entrails break loose from their body and flying around. Her powerful enemy is ‘Barong’, a character in the mythology of Bali. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good. ‘Barong’ and ‘Rangda’ exist in the natural order of the cosmos and represent as Goodness and Badness. Both ‘Barong’ and ‘Rangda’ are cemented in Balinese legend.


The legend of ‘Leak’ in Bali refers to a horrible black magic inspired drama with the key figure of ‘Calon Arang’. There was a widow called ‘Calon Arang’ at the village of ‘Girah’ having a beautiful daughter. Her daughter name is ‘Ratna Manggali’, who has reached her adultery, but no one among youths from the village and surrounding had the courage to approach the virgin. This is because her mother is known to have black magic knowledge, and practiced it maliciously, and with her bad attitude causing many people were dead even hatred was increasing among the people, yet this is used as a temptation to her thirsty black magic need. Her bad reputation at last reached the palace, and some soldiers took initiative and asked permission to the king to punish the widow.


The soldiers headed to the village of ‘Girah’ and found her sleeping. One solder drag her by her hairs, but unfortunately she awaken and once she was startled she glared with her 2 wild eyes emanating fire shooting and burnt the soldier, the other took a hundred steps of flee but again her blitz eye fires burnt them except one solder survived the malicious black magic fur. This soldier then reported his horrible experience to the king, and made the king totally upset and run out of reason to overcome the problem. ‘Calon Arang’ know that the palace involved in this scandalous act of murder trial, and she become uncontrollably angry and spread her magic malicious power causing great epidemic.

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When you already know about what is ‘ Leak ‘ I hope you can see the dance performance directly in Bali and know more clearly.


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