Bajra Sandhi | Explore The Balinese Struggle in Beautiful Monument


Bajra Sandhi Monument is Balinese people struggle Monument to salute the heroes and the symbol of preservation of life from generation to generation and from age to age and the symbol of the spirit to retain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. It can be seen from the 17 stairs at the main entrance, 8 pieces of the great pillars in the monument building, and the monument which rises 45 meters. This monument located in front of the Bali Province Governor office and in front of Bali Province Parliament Building Niti Mandala Renon exactly in Puputan Renon.

Monumen-Bajra-Sandhi-1This monument be known as name ‘Bajra Sandhi’ because of the shapes like ‘Bajra’ or bell which use by Hindhu’s Pastor when held  ceremony. The monument was built on 1987, was inaugurated by President Megawati Sukarno Putri on June 14, 2003. Development goals of this monument is to capture the soul and spirit of Balinese people struggle, and digging, maintain, develop and preserve Balinese culture to be inherited to the next generation as a step forward capital tread a world increasingly filled with challenges and obstacles.

bajra sandhi 1The museum consists of three floor levels and a spire. The ground floor is the first region when we first entered the gates. On the second floor we can enjoy the beautiful fish while enjoying the view from the height. On the third floor, there is a painting gallery that contains the histories of the Balinese people. There are 17 dioramas that tell the stories of Balinese people’s struggle. Then in the middle of the room on the third floor there is a fairly large fish pond, circular. Where at the top there is a spiral staircase about 100 stairs which will take us to the top of The Bajra Sandhi.




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